Sunday, August 24, 2014

NASCAR Fun: Hamlin Throws Car Part at Harvick After Crash

Oh those angry boys of NASCAR...

Saturday night at Bristol showed yet again why race car drivers need to learn somehow to control their tempers.

Racing under the lights with the lead, Denny Hamlin slowed slightly coming off a corner. Kevin Harvick, just behind Hamlin tries to get behind him, but misjudges Hamlin's move, hits the back of Hamlin's car and sends him spinning.

Hamlin's car tags Dale Earnhardt Jr, taking out his door and side panels and for a brief moment, chaos ensues.

Hamlin eventually gets out of the car and in a fit of anger, grabs the Hans device (neck restraint) and throws it at Harvick's car when it passes by again under caution.

It didn't do any damage, but the point being, why throw something at him? And then the post wreck interview?

Yeah, we get it, racing is intense and nobody wants to back down. But when you are driving that fast in a tight pack of cars, accidents happen.  They always will.

For what it's worth, Joey Logano would go on to take the checkered flag and get the win.

Video of the crash, Hamlin's interview and shot of him throwing stuff at Harvick are all on this clip from

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