Friday, August 22, 2014

Washington Post to Stop Using NFL Team's Name


The furor over the use of Washington's NFL Team nickname continues. And this time, while many will so...oh, okay, it's just the newspaper, nobody reads that's not the point.

((Note--The Post's editorial board will not use the name, the Sports Department is free to do as they choose))

One of the most widely respected names in Journalism today has decided that the nickname should not be used for the simple fact that to a group of people, it's an insult.

The Washington Post and their editorial writers have decided they will not use said nickname when talking about the team.

This adds to the furor that's seen everyone from U.S Politicians, government agencies, former NFL officials and others weigh in on the subject.

Said the Post--"We don't believe that fans who are attached to the name have racist feeling or intent anymore than Mr. Snyder (Dan--the owner) does. But the fact remains: The word is insulting. You would not dream of calling anyone a (insert Washington NFL Team Name) to his or her face. You wouldn't let your son or daughter use it about a person, even in the privacy of your own home."

Read the Post's Editorial RIGHT HERE

What does it say that this action is taking place? That so many people, though not many team fans, are crying for a change?

We at OSG Sports (well, okay, me---Brother J-Dub is a fan of the team and probably won't adhere to this) wish to offer what little added heft we have to the debate.

We too will not use the name, rather we'll refer to them as Washington's NFL team or something similar.

Hopefully at some point Dan Snyder will open his eyes and realizing the marketing opportunity in front of him. That changing the name means multiple generations of fans will have the opportunity to spend money and buy team gear. That alone we'd think should be enough to prompt the change.

But Snyder, if nothing else does what he wants to do...and unfortunately it appears the "Name Change" will follow that same path....

Because we wish to present opposing arguments, here is former NFL coach and current ESPN commentator Mike Ditka stating it's "*&!#---"

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