Friday, August 29, 2014

Rutgers Rallies To Defeat Washington State 41-38

Rutgers quarterback Gary Nova finally had a great game over a team other than Arkansas.

Nova threw for 281 yards and two touchdowns for the Scarlet Knights in their 41-38 win over Washington State in Pullman.

Nova's opponent Wazzou quarterback Conner Halliday threw for 532 yards and five touchdowns.

The difference was Rutgers has a running game.  Paul James rushed for 179 yards and three touchdowns.  James' third late in the fourth quarter was the game winner for the Scarlet Knights.

"To come back out here on the West Coast and win the way we did, it shows how
hard we worked in the offseason camp." Nova said.  "I know the guys are excited but we have to get back to work."

“It’s a great feeling to get this win."  James said.  "Last year, we came over to the west coast and it didn’t end too well. This year it’s just a great feeling to come back here and get that win.”

"For too long around this university expectations have been too low."  Washington State head coach Mike Leach.  "I think we as coaches and as players have to change that. It’s not going to change from the outside. We’ve got to change that and we’ve got to expect more out of ourselves – starting with the coaches.”

It was the first time Rutgers has defeated a Pac-12 team.

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