Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What Is The Latest With USC's Josh Shaw, Anyway...???

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The University of Southern California is now investigating the story that senior co-captain Josh Shaw stuck by on Sunday and Monday claiming that he got his high ankle sprains from springing out a window to rescue his nephew from a possible drowning.

The school started getting phone calls that conflicted with the story Shaw has been relaying to the media.

Instead of what Shaw initially said being the only version, police are telling an additional story about someone that could be Shaw and a sticky situation with a girlfriend:

From the LA Times article from Gary Klein...

Meantime, the Los Angeles Police Department said Shaw's name came up in a report filed by officers who responded to a call about a woman heard screaming at the Orsini Apartments at 505 N. Figueroa St. on Saturday night.

Lt. Andrew Neiman, a department spokesman, said officers forced entry into one apartment but found no one inside. They then interviewed witnesses at the apartments who reported seeing a man scampering across third-floor balconies and provided a general description of the individual. Later, as officers were talking to a woman, “She responded to a description with words to the effect, 'That sounds like my boyfriend, Josh Shaw,' ” Neiman said.

Another police source said the woman added that Shaw was out to dinner with friends.

Here's Gigi Graciette on campus with sound from head coach Steve Sarkisian
Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

Southern Cal is treating Shaw's story as solid at present, but they are investigating on their own.

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