Thursday, August 28, 2014

Developing: NFL Radically Changes Domestic Violence Suspension Policy

Well, they may be a bit slow, but it appears the NFL was listening to the public confusion over the way the handled the Ray Rice domestic violence incident.

In a surprise announcement Thursday afternoon, the league said from this day forward, the penalty for any player, coach, owner or member of an NFL Organization convicted of domestic violence charges would be 6 games for the 1st offense, a lifetime ban for a second.

(It should be noted, per ESPN's Jane McManus-- there is a clause allowing a player to be reinstated, though that verbiage has yet to made specific)

The move comes after the league took a tremendous P.R hit for the way they handled the charges against Baltimore Ravens Running Back Ray Rice.

Rice was caught on video dragging his unconscious fiancee' (now wife) out of an elevator after knocking her out with a punch.

Rice received a 2-game suspension.

It appears the contrite Jolly Roger (NFL Prez Goodell) apologized for the way it was handled telling the leagues owners "I didn't get it right"

From Domestic Violence advocacy groups to U.S Senators and the public at large, the NFL found itself on the wrong side of the fence here. Particularly after doling out lengthier suspensions for performance enhancing drugs and other various minor offenses.

You can read Goodell's letter to league owners on ESPN reporter Adam Schefter's Facebook page.

Follow the link HERE


We, along with most of you await the first test of this new policy. But we acknowledge the NFL fessing up to the mistake and being proactive in trying to do something about the issue.

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