Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Former Kentucky Star Triggers Bizarre Chinese Hoops Fight

((ht: thebiglead.com))

This is strange. But then again it happened in the Chinese Basketball Association and a former University of Kentucky "star" recruit was involved.

Daniel Orton one of many "Big Time" Kentucky recruits who did not amount to anything in the NBA was a big part of this fight featuring his team, the Sichuan Blue Whales and a team from Tianjin.

You'll have to excuse the jittery video and strange and totally crappy music dubbed in by the YouTube poster. The action is somewhat innocuous until we get a minute or so in.

Orton gets the ball after rubbing off a screen at the top of the key. He takes the ball, drives to the hoop colliding with a defender.

The action moves the other way but the camera cuts back and shows Orton and the defender wrestling. They get up as other players jump in and punches begin flying.

And as Jim Ross once said, we got us a "Slobberknocker"...

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