Monday, December 22, 2014

Ole Miss Signee Chad Kelly Arrested in Buffalo (Updated with Video)


Chad Kelly has some issues that need to be dealt with before he should be allowed to play college football.

The oft-travelled 20-year old Kelly, nephew of former Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly was arrested early Sunday morning in Buffalo after a skirmish at a local bar.

Chad Kelly recently (Wednesday) signed a scholarship offer with Ole Miss after a successful 2014 season at East Mississippi Junior College, winning the NJCAA title. Kelly was there in large part because in early 2014, he was kicked off the Clemson roster after arguing with coaches during the teams spring game.

And according to several reports, Kelly had issues in High School as well.

His latest incident came after he refused to leave a downtown Buffalo restaurant and bar sometime after 3 a.m Sunday morning. Reports say he punched a bouncer in the face. A 21-year old friend of Kelly's who had already been tossed from the place was trying to go back in when the melee ensued.

According to the Buffalo News, Kelly told the bouncer; "I'm going to go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place".

Kelly then left Encore when police stopped him down the street. He reportedly threw punches when officers tried putting him in a squad car.

Kelly is facing multiple charges.

Read more from the Buffalo News RIGHT HERE

No word yet from Ole Miss on what they'll do with Kelly, but it will be interesting to see how they handle it.

The Rebels are looking to replace graduating starter Bo Wallace and with Kelly's credentials in Junior College, he certainly would have a shot at the job. However he also appears to have some issues. How those issues are dealt with now becomes the question.

Updated: There's now video of the brawl outside Encore. While Kelly's lawyer is quick to say that the audio clears his client, said audio is very hard to hear outside someone yelling "Chill dude". This probably will not help as much as the lawyer thinks--

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