Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NFL Network: Jim Harbaugh Has Offer on Table from Michigan


It appears the rumbling we've been hearing about the University of Michigan trying to woo San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh may have some truth.

We've been monitoring several reports from the Detroit area stating Harbaugh is telling his former teammates its "Time to get the Band Back Together"...but there's been nothing concrete.

Until now.

Ian Rappaport of reports Michigan has offered Harbaugh a proposed contract that would make him the highest paid coach in College Football.

The offer: 6-years, $48 million dollars. Yes, $8 million a year. Or $1 million more than Nick Saban.

Just make it stop.

Ah...but anyway. Read Rappaport's story RIGHT HERE

Harbaugh is expected to leave...or be asked to leave the 49ers at the end of the season. Amid rumblings of discord in the Bay Area. The Niners are 7-7 on the season and have been officially eliminated from the playoffs.

But there are two weeks left in the season. So don't expect this to become official. At least not until after the 1st of the year.

If it happens at all.

Harbaugh will get opportunities in the NFL, though the price will be a draft pick. Don't expect that to stop the Oakland Raiders...or possibly the Miami Dolphins from looking into him.

But can they afford to pay him?

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