Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Reports: Harbaugh to Get $5 Million at Michigan

((ht: footballscoop.com))

So apparently new Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh will NOT be the highest paid coach in College Football.

According to reports; Harbaugh has told Michigan athletic director Jim Hackett a $5 million deal will be fine with him. Harbaugh apparently has said he'd rather the extra money go for his assistants. That word came from John Bacon who spoke with Hackett Tuesday morning.

That sigh of relief you hear might be from the Alabama booster club...

Just kidding...

Harbaugh will officially be introduced at Michigan Tuesday at noon and will be introduced to the student body at a Tuesday night home basketball game. The game by the way has been dubbed a "Khaki Out" by the students in honor of Harbaugh's frequent use of Khaki's as his pant of choice...

Reports had circulated earlier this month that UM was floating an $8 million, 6-year deal for their new coach and though the length of the contract has not been disclosed...and $5 million is still a lot of money, it's a lot less money than originally thought.

Congratulations to the Michigan fans, you got your man. Now let's see if he can sort out your mess and return you to the glory you feel like you should have.

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