Monday, December 22, 2014

Marshawn Lynch Wraps Up Crazy Run and Night With Silly Interview

Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch IS Beast Mode. And he proved it yet again Sunday night with one of the most incredible 79-yard TD runs you'll ever see.

Shedding tacklers like sand fleas, Lynch isn't the fastest guy on the field, but at times nobody seems able to get him off his feet.

Check out the crazy run along with the highlights of Seattle dismantling the Arizona Cardinals 35-6.

((Note-Lynch is going to get fined, if you notice at the end of his TD run, he leaps in the air and grabs his crotch. That is a no-no and stupid. It should cost him money for that and hopefully will))

But then there is post game. And reporters always want to talk to the best players after the games. However Lynch, he's apparently not a big fan of talking to the assembled media. He's been fined by the NFL for not participating in the post game scrum.

And Lynch, rather than get fined again has participated. But his answers to questions well, they leave a bit to be desired though admittedly at times they are funny.

The other interesting issue to us is the duel between reporters and Lynch. The reporters are genuinely upset "Beast Mode" won't talk to them. And having been on that end, sure, we get it. You want the interview with the star of the day. But we also get Lynch. He doesn't like to talk. He should not be required to.

Yes we know he's a professional, it's part of the job. But it should be his choice whether he talks or not. If he doesn't want to, talk to his teammates. Find someone else to talk to. It should be his choice. (Just our opinion here)

Here's video of the Lynch Post Game interview from for asking:

Here's a transcript:

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