Friday, December 19, 2014

Morning Wrap: Longhorn Network to Show 5 Hours of Bevo for Christmas

Bevo at Home

No, the headline does not have a typo in it.

While WPIX-TV in New York City may have been the first TV station to show the "Yule Log" for Christmas. It's now been topped.

And yes, people actually turn on their TV's and just have the shot of a fireplace log on it.


The Longhorn Network will take the "Yule Log" and put a Texas twist on it. Or so to speak.

The all Texas Longhorns TV channel will show five hours of commercial free video of the Longhorns mascot, Bevo the Bull, roaming on his ranch.

Yes, really.

Supposedly the network will pipe in Christmas music as background. And hey, it just might work.

Heck, we're guessing if the Alabama Crimson Tide had their own network, they could show five hours of a Nick Saban photo with a Christmas sweater, put music behind it and it would be the highest rated show in the state.

But we could be wrong....

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