Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jay Cutler and The Awkward Post Game Press Conference

As bad as Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler has been the past few weeks, we kind of feel bad for him after his Monday Night Football post-game presser. The Bears were again hammered, this time by the New Orleans Saints 31-15.

Cutler, who usually speaks after Bears coach Marc Trestman, came to the podium first. And there was only one reporter in the room at the time.

Cutler took 3 questions...all from ESPN.com's Mike Sando before a quizzical look at the PR folks. He then left the room before all the reporters, in the locker room at the time could get there.

Having participated in this ritual for many years, the usual procedure for most teams is the coach speaks first, then the locker room is opened. The quarterback for most teams will also speak in the conference room. Team PR generally notifies reporters/camera crews when that is about to happen.

It's a bit of a scramble/dance. Often times during a loss, players will get out of the place as fast as they can. If you aren't there, you miss your opportunity.

In this case, blame the PR staff. Poor Cutler has been under siege from opposing defenses, fans, his own coaches and teammates. This time he did nothing wrong, it just looked silly and really, really awkward.

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