Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kurt Busch Is In A Courtroom... Still...

((HT: NBC Sports/NASCAR America))

The HQ understands the strategy of Busch attorney Rusty Hardin in the case currently ongoing in a Dover, Delaware court. Busch's ( the HQ is safe to say former) girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, is attempting to get a protection order extended over the driver.

She alleges that she was physically abused/assaulted in the Busch hauler in a race weekend at Dover International Raceway back in the fall.

Busch, naturally, denies this and maintaints that he only wanted her to leave and that the allegations are a fabrication ( his word).

Driscoll also is claiming Busch is depressed and an alcoholic.

But when Rusty Hardin is involved the HQ understands that the public spectacle/embarassment/show is where he, as a lawyer, makes his money. His job is to make sure the accused is exposed in the wrong and that the larger the spectacle/embarassment/show, the better his client appears.

The case continues as Jack Furlong discusses with Carolyn Manno

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