Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Morning Wrap: Les Miles: "I'm Not Leaving for Michigan"

We were pretty sure that Les Miles wasn't leaving LSU to go to Michigan this time after what he went through back in 2007. And with all the success he's had at LSU.

But it didn't stop people from asking--or at least raising the question.

Miles put a stop to it all Monday evening after reports began circulating the Wolverines reached out to him about the job.

The 61-year old Miles has won 103 games in 10 seasons in Baton Rouge and at this point there's no good reason for him to leave.

Michigan has not found a coach yet and speculation is they are waiting on San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh to leave his current job. There are few "big name" coaches out there and even fewer that would take the Wolverines job, once considered a plum, now just considered a fading program trying to relive past glory.

But this story is always a good excuse to roll out one of our favorite Les quotes of all time (there are many). It took place after ESPN had reported he would take the Michigan job in 2007. Which was not true.

And because we can say that we had to scramble that morning to cover this press conference, which took place the afternoon before the SEC Championship game. We left, like many others, laughing.

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