Saturday, December 27, 2014

NC State Wins Bitcoin Bowl on Horrible Field


Oooof...bowl games are fun. Right? They must be, why else would there be so many of them.

One of the...well, one of them was played Friday, the Bitcoin Bowl. It was played in the crappy Tropicana Dome in that exciting place known as St. Petersburg, Florida.

And based on the video, it was played in front of hundreds of fans. (Bowls don't release attendance figures for a reason we're thinking)

North Carolina State won the game 34-27 over UCF but not before the Knights valiantly tried to mount a comeback after being down 31-13 after three quarters.

Wolfpack RB Matt Dayes ran for 78 yards and 2 TD's, Jacoby Brissett threw for 262 yards and 1 TD to lead NC State to their 8th win on the season.

UCF QB Justin Holman threw for 291 yards and 3 TD's to lead the Knights who finish the season at 7-6.

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