Monday, December 22, 2014

Reports: UGA Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo to get Colorado State Job


Well it appears University of Georgia football fans will have to find another offensive coordinator to whine about.

According to reports in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Denver Post, UGA Offensive Coordinator Mike Bobo is going to be announced as the new head coach at Colorado State on Tuesday.

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The Coloradan newspaper in Ft. Collins is reporting it's a done deal RIGHT HERE

We should note the Rams are waiting until Tuesday according to several reports as to not interfere with Monday nights Broncos/Bengals game in Denver.

Bobo would replace new Florida head coach Jim McElwain, who left Ft. Collins to take the Gators job just a couple of weeks ago.

Bobo is respected by most in the College Football business as one of the nations best coordinators. His Bulldog offenses have been among the top in country for several years.

However, he leaves Athens with mixed reviews among the ignorant Georgia faithful who too often blamed losses or play calls they did not agree with on him. We would add not all fans--but a vocal group of them. Those fans will come to find out Bobo was a little better than the TV bound pseudo coaches think he is.

We've gotten to interview coach Bobo several times, he's truly one of the nice guys in the game. He also is very smart and commands respect from his players.  We wish Coach Bobo the best in Colorado, we have no doubt he will be successful. And who knows, once he gets some head coaching experience under his belt, he might find his way back some time in the near future. We wish him the best.

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