Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oh Boy: Bo Pelini Went on Rant Against Nebraska A.D After Firing


Yikes! Talk about leaving the earth scorched behind you. And we're guessing that new Youngstown State coach Bo Pelini and Nebraska athletic director Shawn Eichorst won't be exchanging Christmas Cards.

The Omaha World-Herald got ahold of an audio tape of Pelini's last meeting with his former team on December 2nd.

And in it, he calls Eichorst, someone he says wanted nothing to do with him or his team...a "total prick" and a "total cunt".

And that was only a small portion of the expletive filled rant that Pelini says was borne of his frustration and aggravation that had built during the last two years of his tenure.

Pelini added he's happy to now be somewhere where the school president (Former Ohio St. coach Jim Tressel) "Understands Football".


Read the rest of the story from the Herald RIGHT HERE

Talk about leaving on bad terms. Pelini is currently due a pro-rated portion of his $7.9 million buyout. However there's talk that disparaging comments might affect that payout.

Either way, he's obviously happy to leave.

The question we have is this: If Pelini felt so comfortable saying this to his players and coaches, why would one or the other have leaked this rant?


We're guessing Nebraska's gift to Bo this year might be a box of kitty litter.

Here's a story on Pelini's arrival in Youngstown from WKBN-TV:

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