Wednesday, February 27, 2013

APB: One Racing Italian Sausage Missing in Milwaukee

Photo Courtesy: Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Police are on a heightened state of alert after reports that one of the town's most beloved mascots has gone missing after an alleged night of barhopping.

No, there is no truth to the rumors he was found cut to pieces in a bowl of cooked peppers and no, he wasn't found inserted in a giant roll, slathered with onions either.

It appears, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, someone stole the Giant Sausage costume, used as a part of the "Sausage Races" at Milwaukee Brewers games. During the off-season it seems you can rent the costume from a local costume shop.

Check out the JSOnline story RIGHT HERE

We are reasonably certain that unlike the recent hullabaloo surrounding the Giant Teddy Roosevelt head who broke his winless streak at Washington Nationals game, this is not a publicity stunt by the Brewers. Though in a way, it would be highly applaudable if it were.

It is kind of amusing to think of what the APB for such a thing would actually be: "Attention all cars--be on the look out for a missing person. Age unkown, wearing what appears to be a giant Italian Sausage costume. Be advised, the Sausage is known for having sprinters speed, please exercise care if found".....

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