Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bama Recruit Reuben Foster Sleeps Like a Vampire


It's not that unusual for high school kids to--on occasion, fall asleep in class.

But when they do that, they are subject to be messed with by fellow students.

Such is the fate suffered by Alabama prize recruit and current Auburn High School senior Reuben Foster.

Check out the photos.

The first one is kinda funny. The second one. Well, besides defying gravity, it also kind of defies description.

How exactly does one fall asleep like that? We've seen dogs and vampires do it...

But that's about it.

We're guessing someone will pay for this, and Foster will probably pay for it too. His soon-to-be coach will probably not be thrilled to see his prize recruit at least appearing to slack off while tending to his schoolwork.

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