Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Arrested Alabama Football Players Kicked Off Team

It didn't take long for the long arm of Nick Saban's law to take care of some troublesome football players.

The University of Alabama announced today that Eddie Williams, Tyler Hayes, D.J Pettway and Brent Calloway are no longer a part of the team nor the University.

You'll recall the four were arrested for a pair of robberies that took place on campus Feb. 11th. Their status had been in limbo while the schools Student Judicial Board waited to rule on their fate.

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The short moral of the story here is no, Nick Saban ain't putting up with this kind of behavior. From anyone.

Nor should he or any other college football coach have to.

We say that knowing full well Alabama is a program that can tell a 5-star recruit (Williams) to just go away. The question is really how many D-1 coaches striving to be like Alabama can?

We commend the Tide (both the school and the team) for taking quick, decisive action if for no other reason than there cannot be an atmosphere where students fear being bullied or robbed by football players.

Hopefully that message will be received though we do have our doubts...

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  1. This is just a normal scenario after they ruined their names. The school will not tolerate this bad thing.

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