Monday, February 11, 2013

Ray Edwards: From NFL to Air Boxer


Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Former NFL Defensive End Ray Edwards was let go mid-season in 2012 by the Atlanta Falcons for basically getting paid to underperform.

That talent seems to have taken hold in his other pastime: Boxing.

Check out the video below of Edwards from this past weekend. He appears to tower over a guy who looks from a distance like George Costanza from the Seinfeld TV show.

The two kind of circle each other before Costanza tries vainly to swing at the large man. He misses. Edwards circles and tries to throw an uppercut.

That uppercut looks straight out of a bad movie, missing the Costanza look-alike.

The problem: The tomato can still goes down.

Edwards is still and probably will be paid by the Falcons for a couple more years, whether he plays or not. And no, we don't know if he's looking to return to the NFL or not.

One thing readily apparent by this video: Don't try to make a living boxing, the career may be shorter than the one Edwards had in the NFL.

Though we suppose, there's always the WWE.

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