Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blake Griffin vs. Chandler Parsons: Who ya got?


Oh, this is fantastic.

It appears that the unknown war of jokes between LA Clippers forward Blake Griffin and Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons has escalated after it appears Griffin hit Parsons in the family jewels after a recent game.

See the video here:

The funniest part: They are, according to the person who posted this on YouTube, good friends who like to prank each other.

This is pretty good.

From Parsons twitter page @chandlerparsons: Seriously dude? ,

Griffin @blakegriffin: @chandlerparsons sprained my wrist and had to keep it moving...My bad didn't even see you.
Oh, by the way, it appears Griffin named his dog after the aforementioned Mr. Parsons. And yes, they are both in on the joke.

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OK. We find this pretty funny. And it appears the jokes are escalating. Though not everyone has quite seen the humor.

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We do find the whole thing very funny. In fact, though hardly Clipper fans we do like Griffin the player and we think he's one of the more original, funny characters in pro sports today. And we hope he keeps it up.

As for Mr. Parsons, we aren't quite as familiar with him, though if he indeed is that friendly with Griffin, well, he's been served. 

Your turn sir....

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