Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Former NBA Star Mike Bibby Kicked out of Son's H.S Game

((ht: abc15.com))

You stay classy Mike Bibby.

Former NBA point guard Mike Bibby was escorted out his son's High School Basketball game this past Friday night by police.

According to ABC 15 in Phoenix, Bibby was watching son Michael, a freshman,  play at Phoenix Shadow Mountain High School when the refs wanted him tossed from the stands for trying to argue with them. Police were called at that point because Bibby apparently continued arguing and didn't want to leave.

Read the entire ABC 15 story RIGHT HERE

Way to set an example there Mr. Bibby. Are you bored?

Bibby, the elder played some 14-years in the NBA with multiple teams. And no, that pedigree alone doesn't give him the right to act the fool.

Nor does the fact that he's a graduate of the same school his son attends and who's game he was ejected from. And his jersey hangs from the rafters.


There isn't much else we can do but shake our head, hopefully Bibby is embarrassed about this, because he should be. We aren't going to preach good behavior and responsibility here, mostly because in an instance such as this, it should be understood.

No, we'll just say: Watch the video--(Thanks ABC15)

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