Thursday, February 28, 2013

ICYMI: Internet Freaks Out Over New Adidas Basketball Uni's

It's been very interesting this morning here at OSG HQ monitoring the reaction of pretty much every Sports Writer/producer on the internet over the new uniforms adidas has announced they'll provide for 6 NCAA teams.

And yes, the reviews haven't been pretty.

Most compare the look, which features short sleeves rather than a tank top and striped shorts as a "Zubaz" style look.

For those of you unware, Zubaz were a style/brand of sweatpants that were popular in the late 80's and early 90's.

Here's some video of them:

Quite honestly, if you look at the photo above, the 6 uniform looks don't look so bad to us. Well, aside from the puke, lime-green Notre Dame jersey anyway.

Always remember writers and people who post to Twitter regularly are the snarkiest of the snarks and generally don't like anything different than what they only see.

And no, not all of these work. We like the Louisville look. A lot. Cincinnati, Baylor and Kansas aren't horrible. But UCLA's look like pajamas and we already spoke about the awful Notre Dame look.

Either way, it's free publicity for Adidas who's been struggling to keep up with the Nike's and Under Armour's of the world. So for that reason, we say "Why not?" If you have an interest in such things, you might actually watch the conference tournaments these teams are in. And if they all make the field of 68, you might tune in to see them there too.

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