Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ess-E-Cee's Dumbest Criminal: Ty Flournoy-Smith

((HT: AJC/Towers))

The third-string tight end for the University of Georgia decided that, when he was done with his text books, that he would turn them in for cash and then call the cops telling then that the same books had been stolen...

Not smart... as Ty Smith got busted in very short order...

He had to check into the local hoosegow and was released on $1,000 bond.

It all happened pretty quick," UGA Police chief Jimmy Williamson said. "Unfortunately books and back-packs are stolen all the time and we know all the places they take them. It became apparent that Ty had returned the books himself."

According to Towers, Flournoy-Smith sent out a tweet at 2 a.m. from his Twitter account, @SeeMyAmbition80__ that said, "You live, and you learn."

Flournoy-Smith was an all-state selection from Colquitt County High School in Moultrie, Georgia...

Insert your dig at Colquitt head coach Rush Propst hyah...

Here's Colquitt highlights of their title game appearance in 2010
((HT: Gwinnett Daily Post))

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