Friday, February 8, 2013

Faulty Relay Switch Caused Super Bowl Brownout (UPDATED)


Well, the world can rest easy now. The reason for the power outage at last weeks Super Bowl has been found.

The power company Entergy says a "Faulty Electrical Relay Device" caused the 34 minute outage which was breathlessly reported by many news outlets as some sort of major scandal.

According to, the power company explained the relay was there in case of a cable failure between the switchgear and the stadium.

Read the entire story RIGHT HERE

**UPDATE**(3pm)---The company that makes the relay equipment tells that the switch worked properly, that the outage was a result of the electric load current overloading the switchgear relay and tripping it as it was designed to do."

Sorry Entertainment Tonight, it wasn't Beyonce that caused the outage. Hate to tell you ESPN and other sports outlets, its not a problem that should eliminate The Superdome from future Super Bowls. It's a bad switch.

It happens. It happens in homes, it happens in office buildings all over the country. Yeah, sure, the timing was probably not great, but it is not some sort of conspiracy, not a lack of preparation, just a bad piece of equipment.

Rest easy world. Stop castigating the NFL by saying they should have had a plan in case this happened. There's no way to know that it could have happened.

Deal with it.

Here's some sort of OK video to remind you of what happened:

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