Friday, February 8, 2013

Paterno Family Begins Counterattack To Freeh Report


So it begins. Well over a year after it started, Joe Paterno's widow is telling the family's side of the Jerry Sandusky saga and they'll tell it on Monday.

Multiple outlets report that on Sunday morning, Sue Paterno will release a report she says will counter all the allegations the Freeh Report made against her husband.

And it will be released to the public on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" show.

No, really.

The report, rumored to be some 180 pages long and supposedly compiled by a "National Team of Experts", is reportedly a comprehensive rebuttal to the allegations that investigator Louis Freeh made in his report to the Penn State Board of Trustees.

Read the full story from the Centre Daily Times RIGHT HERE

You'll recall the Freeh report alleged Joe Paterno was part of a large cover-up by Penn State leaders to hide the behavior of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky. The report provided documents stating Joe Paterno was aware there were issues with Sandusky and chose to try handling them internally rather than telling police.

Mind you, Paterno was not charged with anything. Sue Paterno believes her husband's name was besmirched and the humilation of her husband was too much to bear.

The story says the report will prove that Freeh did not "Thoroughly" investigate what happened and ignored details that would exonerate JoePa. She did not elaborate as to why Freeh would do that.

Oh, Sue Paterno will apparently state her case to the world Monday in an interview to be broadcast on the "Katie" show (syndicated, check local listings for time).

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