Saturday, February 9, 2013

Reuben Foster's Dad Arrested After 16 Years On The Lam

((HT: CBS4 Miami))

Everyone knows (now) Alabama-signee Reuben Foster's story... the tattoo (which he's going to either get removed or changed), and the shooting involving him and his mother by his estranged father when he was 18-months old.

Reuben's father, Daniel, had escaped from an Alabama jail and was living under the name of Jefferson McClendon. McClendon was found living in a south Florida trailer park and working in construction.

Marshals offices had discovered new information and tracked down Danny Foster-Jefferson McClendon for the arrest. McClendon was supposed to serve 30 years for his crime, and will be extradited to determine how the sentence will be resumed.

Brian Andrews was around for the walk of shame...

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