Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Attention: The College Football Playoff Will Be Called The College Football Playoff

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So, College Football fan, your new and improved, 4-team playoff system will be called---wait for it---The College Football Playoff.

Yes, that's right, the geniuses who run college football (not the NCAA--the former BCS) has decided to re-brand itself. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of research and consultant fees went into this research and they came up with a title that, well, wasn't called the BCS.

It is now called the College Football Playoff.

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It's like a random sports producer titling his new Sunday night Sports Show the Sunday Night Sports Special. (inside joke for those who know me)

And, best of all College Football Fan, you can have a say in what the new logo will look like. Plus you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the playoff.

Read the press release RIGHT HERE

Check out CollegeFootballPlayoff.com RIGHT HERE

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The site also contains a playoff schedule and a list of the games. The Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Orange Bowl will be a part of the semi-final round rotation. That rotation is also expected to include the Fiesta, Cotton and Chick-Fil-A Bowl as well. Every three years a combination of 2 of those games will get the semi-finals.

The finals, well, those will be played, at least in year one, at JerryWorld in Dallas (Cowboys Stadium). It's expected to rotate to other cities and sites, much like College's version of a "Super Bowl".

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So stay tuned, you've got one last season of the BCS and it's mysterious computers. The new and "improved" system will be chosen by a "Selection Committee" in 2014. That committee, yet to be determined, will use a combination of schedule strength, performance, head to head results, reputation (who said that?) and other criteria to pick their 4 best teams.

Teams from all conferences are supposed to be eligible for this, including conferences such as the Sun Belt, Conference USA, The Mountain West or The American Athletic Conference (former Big East comprised of former Conference USA teams).

All kidding aside, we are very intrigued to see how this works, it certainly is an improvement over the old system. And if it is the beginning of change to the anachronistic bowl system that rewards only the people who run them, then by god, we are all for it.

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