Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thanks SEC: Texas A&M to Expand Stadium to 102,000 ((Update--it's 102,500))

((ht: kbtx.com))

So Texas A&M how's life after your first season in the SEC?

Must be pretty good living. You have a wildly successful 1st football season, beat Alabama, have the Heisman Trophy winner on your roster and make it to a pretty darn good bowl game.

How do you celebrate?

By expanding your football stadium. Making it "Texas Sized"

Yes, that's right. A&M is doing the most SEC of all things they can do by expanding Kyle Field. According to KBTX-TV, the schools Board of Regents is expected to look at and most likely approve a "Re-Development" to the Aggies home field, expanding the capacity to as much as 103,000.

((UPDATE 5/2--It was approved and it's gonna be big. 102,500, making it the largest in the SEC by about 100 seats.))

That number would make it the fourth stadium in the country with a capacity over 100,000. And it would put Kyle Field on par with the University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium, which holds nearly 102,500.

Read more from KBTX RIGHT HERE

So, here's a question to you Texas A&M fan, is it safe to call the new and improved stadium "The House that Johnny Football Built"?

We're assuming the University has the money to do this and isn't going to mortgage the future by doing it. And while the Aggies should be congratulated for their early SEC success, they still have to duplicate it.

We do find it interesting that the city and county are chipping in with a portion of the cost by adding a higher hotel/motel tax. We aren't aware of any municipalities that do that for a public institution.

Congratulations A&M, you've truly arrived as a "Big Time" player.

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