Wednesday, April 17, 2013

McCourts Back In McSuperior Court

A court hearing is scheduled in downtown Los Angeles as Jamie McCourt thinks her ex-husband, Frank, wasn't all that forthright in telling her what the value of the Dodgers was at the time of their divorce proceedings.

She's suing for an additional 770 million dollars.

She initially settled for $131-million since she went on the advice/evidence that Frank McCourt testified his assets were worth only $300-million. Frank McCourt then sold the Dodgers for $2-point-1 billion dollars. Jamie McCourt says she should be awarded at least 900 million dollars.

Here's Hal Eisner in front of the courtroom...
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The HQ would like to remind Ms. McCourt about all the debt she and her husband incurred as owners of the team and how much they used the team coffers as their personal piggy bank.

This case should be dismissed fairly quickly...

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