Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bayern Slaps Around Barca

((HT: UEFA/Fox Soccer))

There are times that, in soccer, that half a Messi would be worth facing a full Messi and teams would still cower in fear over facing FC Barcelona...

Today in Munich, in the first round of the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, was not one of those times...

An admittedly banged-up defense and Messi on one leg combined with a very physical roster of Bayern Munich gave the home squad a 4-0 win and poises them only 90 minutes at Camp Neu away from playing for the trophy.

Here's the Bayern highlights...since there aren't really any Barca highlights...

It was Barcelona's biggest loss in the Champions League since 1997, a 4-0 defeat to Dynamo Kiev in the group stage in 1997.

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