Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Browns Owner Haslam Has Flying J Under Investigation


Pilot/Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam addressed the recent federal investigation into his company this afternoon as the IRS and FBI swirl around his Knoxville headquarters.

Haslam said this has never happened to Pilot/Flying J before and thinks the investigation doesn't involve tax issues. During the press conference, Haslam said his employees "run a tight ship," and the company is conducting its own internal investigation.

He thinks the investigation centers around unpaid rebates- a point Pilot/Flying J disputes...

Eastern District US Attorney Bill Killian confirmed that a total of four search warrants were issued and served to Pilot Flying J, but a spokesperson says it's only two.

Pilot Flying J claims not to know why the investigation continues...

Here's the Haslam presser from this afternoon...

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