Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NFL Concussion Suit Hits Next Stage In Philly


After a 40-minute hearing in front of US District Judge Anita Brody, both the players and the NFL came out to discuss what may happen if the decision goes their way in the concussion suit brought forth by close to one-third of the league's retired players that claim they suffer from early onset dementia, depression, or Alzheimer's Disease.

NFL lawyer Paul Clement insisted that the teams themselves are the ones who are responsible for the player's safety:

"The one thing constant throughout is these agreements put the primary role and responsibility on some combination of the players themselves, the unions and the clubs," Clement argued in court. "The clubs are the ones who had doctors on the sidelines who had primary responsibility for sending players back into the game."

Players' lawyer David Frederick argued that the league tried to make it look like they were caring for their athletes when they really weren't- going as far as setting up the 1994 Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee that spread, according to Frederick "misinformation."

Brody is not expected to rule for several months, and the cases could take years to play out if her ruling is appealed- which, you can bet, it will... regardless of whose side wins...

Here's the early thoughts from Philly...

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