Friday, April 19, 2013

Maloof Brothers Prefer Seattle Bid

((HT: Sacramento Bee))

The Maloof brothers are making it known that, as the NBA Board of Governors and Relocation Committee decides the Sacramento Kings fate, "sources" close to their plight are claiming that they like the Hansen-Ballmer bid better than the Sacramento bid led by Rivek Vanadive and endorsed by mayor Kevin Johnson.

"The Maloofs have a binding agreement with the Seattle group and would prefer that that agreement be approved by the league," a source told some combination of Lilis, Bizjak, and Kasler for this piece.

From the article:

Yet a source close to the situation told The Bee on Wednesday that Sacramento's counteroffer calls on the Maloofs to scrap the Hansen deal before it comes to a vote.

Another possible sticking point is that Sacramento's bid isn't a binding offer, according to this source.

A legal expert, Michael McCann of NBA TV, said it would be difficult for the Sacramento group to submit a binding offer as long as the Maloofs have a contract with Seattle's investors.

"Legally, you can't have two contracts at one time when they have contradictory outcomes," McCann said.

And while the NBA sat in a room and talked it out, the timetable for a decision will be a while...

Here's the commish discussing it...

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