Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Honey Badger says "Honey Badger is a 1st Round Pick" (Updated Twice)

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So, the NFL Draft is a day away (Thu.) and everyone who's ever written a sports related story or talked about it on the radio has come up with their own "Mock Draft".

We don't partake in such trivial matters here at OSG Sports, but we do find some of the speculation absolutely fascinating.

Kind of like the picture you see to your right.

Yes, that's right, the day before the draft, Tyrann Mathieu, he of "Honey Badger" fame at LSU before being kicked off the team is having a party this Thursday in New York.

He took this photo on Instagram and Tweeted it to the huddled masses.

To celebrate himself being a "1st Round Draft Pick".

((UPDATED---Mathieu tweeted to FOX Sports shortly after this picture made the rounds that he did not give approval for the "For 1st Round Draft Pick" part of the flyer. We believe him, because he probably had nothing to do with writing it.))


Does he know something the rest of us don't? We aren't saying that Mr. Mathieu won't be drafted, he will. But 1st rounder? After word got out he was admitting to double digit failed drug tests?

Of course, he'll be on his best behavior at THIS event, so if you find yourself in the Big Apple Thursday eve, drop on by, you too can party like a first rounder.

Just sayin'....

((2nd Update 6 pm---@Mathieu_Era There will be no party for Tyrann Mathieu. Hmmm...your thoughts?))

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