Saturday, April 20, 2013

Auburn and Tennessee Spring Games: Why the SEC is Bigger Than You

If any of you ever wondered why the SEC is the biggest College Football conference of them all, well, here is an answer to your question.

Auburn and Tennessee both held their spring games on Saturday....and well, they were pretty well attended.

To be specific, Auburn,  had over 83,000 in the house (check out the photo). Yes, that's correct, the 3-9 Tigers with a persecution complex drew 83+ thousand to their game.

It should be noted that the game, in which the Orange beat the Blue 35-14 featured the ejection of CB Jonathon Mincy for laying out WR Dimitri Reese with a hit towards the head. All in all, we're guessing the Tiger faithful are happy to have new/old coach Gus Malzahn and his crazy offense in the house.

As for Tennessee, well, they only drew 60,000 plus to their game, featuring new head coach Butch Jones. (Though hard to tell in the below video)

The Volunteers are also looking for a bit of redemption after several years of mediocrity and coaching changes.

Guess the fans are buying least for the moment.

Here's your Tennessee video:

And the other reason that Auburn had close to 90,000 people in the Loveliest Village was the opportunity to say good-bye to the Oaks at Toomer's Corner. They're going to be removed this week since their death is imminent- thanks to Harvey Updyke. The school introduced a plan yesterday as to how the celebrations will continue at the Corner complete with more trees leading into campus off the diagonal and more seating room for those who want to drop by.

And, as the HQ predicted, it was like the Whos on Christmas Morning...
Here's a look back...
((HT: Auburn Athletics))

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