Thursday, April 11, 2013

Danny Amendola's Dad, Victim of Runaway Golf Cart Sues Cowboys Stadium


It was video that was kind of hard to forget.

A rogue, runaway golf cart, pylon wedged on the gas pedal, plowing into a group of people standing at mid-field after a Texas State championship football game.. The cart plowed them over, crashing into coach Willie Amendola, father of Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola and coach at Spring Dekaney High School. Amendola tried to stop the cart, before being tossed from it. reports Willie is suing Cowboys stadium for $1 million citing "great personal anguish and embarrassment".

Read the story RIGHT HERE

And yes, the video did go viral, shown all over the Interwebs and quite frequently on T.V.

Here's our original story on it from December 18th, 2011 RIGHT HERE

We don't begrudge Amendola his right to be angry, he should be. Someone should have and we believe did get fired over the incident.

And while it was really funny to see, it doesn't make up for the fact someone did get hurt.

On the odd chance you haven't seen the video, here it is:

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