Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thunder Ballboy Sends Death Threat To Patrick Beverley

((HT: CBS Sports/Moore))

A ball boy...???

From the Oklahoma City Thunder, there is obvious anger and concern at chasing an NBA title without their classiest post-game dresser Russell Westbrook. Westbrook tore his meniscus in a move where he and the Rockets' Patrick Beverley got tangled up...



From The Houston Chronicle:

Mitchell Brown sent a tweet that threatened, “Patrick Beverly (sic), I'm coming to kill you.” He sent another using Beverley's Twitter handle; “@pavbev21 I'm coming to kill you.”

Capt. Dexter Nelson, a spokesman for the Oklahoma City Police Department, said officers in conjunction with the Houston Police Department and the NBA are looking into what he described as “Internet threats.”

Thunder spokesperson Matt Tumbleson said, “We do not condone his comments. He works game nights on a voluntary basis. We will handle this matter internally.”

Shortly after Thunder officials were told of the tweets, Brown deleted them with an apology:

“Yesterday I posted something completely inappropriate and I need to apologize. I was out of line and it will not happen again.”

He later removed that tweet and instead said his account was hacked.

“@patbev21 yesterday someone tweeted on my account making a death threat towards you and it wasn't me. I apologize.”

The Chronicle also said on their pages that extra security was in place regardless of what happened over Twitter...

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