Monday, April 29, 2013

ICYMI: Spurs End Lakers Misery in 4 Straight

We normally steer clear of reporting on 1st Round NBA Playoff series because,well, the NBA Playoffs last for 3 months.

But we couldn't resist this story.

The San Antonio Spurs did exactly what they were supposed to do and swept the over-hyped Los Angeles Lakers 4-0 in their best of 7 series.

The series ended after the Spurs annihilated the Lakers 103-82 on the Lakers home court Sunday evening.

The game featured Laker Cry-baby Dwight Howard getting ejected after 2 technical fouls and the rest of the team being woefully out-manned.

We also bring this up because the deities that rule the national sports airways deemed the Lakers "Competition for the Miami Heat". We deeemed them old, and losers in the 1st round of the playoffs. Back in July of last year, when they picked up 37-year old Steve Nash. To play with 36-year old Kobe Bryant and 35-year old Metta World Artest.

Really, we just wanted to remind everyone that we predicted this, it was no surprise to us and even further proof that just because you have a lot of aging superstars doesn't automatically make you a title contender.

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