Monday, April 29, 2013

Jets Cut Tebow, National Media Freaks Out

It never ceases to amaze us how much attention the national media pays to the exploits of a now former backup quarterback.

And that frenzy has been reignited after the New York Jets have apparently released backup QB/pariah Tim Tebow. This comes on the heels of the Jets drafting West Virginia QB Geno Smith in this past weekends NFL Draft.

Tebow languished on the sidelines watching a pretty bad Jets team struggle through their season last year and yet got more media exposure/attention than any combination of people on the team.

We've never understood the completely overblown fascination with Mr. Tebow by the national media, particularly ESPN. And we probably never will. He is nowhere near the 1st incredibly successful College QB who struggled to find his place in the NFL. The list in fact, is pretty darn long.

But none of them were the focus of an entire networks coverage during the last offseason and into the season than Tebow was.

Our only exposure to him was covering Georgia/Florida games and SEC Media Days, and he came off as nothing special. Yet he was treated that way.

So, we are quite sure the focus of the multiple ESPN NFL shows today, National Sports talk radio and pretty much every media outlet in North Florida will be "Tebow released by Jets, where will he land next"

If he's smart, he'll do what he says he always wanted to do which is missionary work. And if that is what he decides, bravo, we applaud him. But the guess here is he'll try catching on with another team, which will be difficult, he brings a lot of baggage.

It will be difficult because like it or not, talent or no talent, just his presence now bring attention and not the type of attention most teams want. Because to sign him is to immediately bring a perceived quarterback controversy, even if there's not one. To sign him brings daily mention of why he's not playing whether he deserves an opportunity or not by the biggest, most annoying, most overblown, most self-centered dictators of Sports conversation in America, the true "Evil Empire"--ESPN.

We wonder if this is what it's like this morning in Bristol:


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