Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lookout for the runaway Golf Cart!!!


Whoa! You just don't see this happen very often.

Saturday night at the end of the Texas 5A, Division II Championship game, the teams, coaches, officials and others gathered on the field to shake hands at the end of the game when it happened.

Somehow, a golf cart broke loose, careening onto the field and plowing over multiple people on the field. One man was apparently sent to the hospital with a leg injury and a couple other people were injured or shaken up trying to dodge the renegade cart.

Read the story from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram RIGHT HERE

Nobody has been able, at this time, to explain how the cart managed to break free with the accelerator on. And yeah, it is alternately scary and funny to watch.

**Note**--Check out Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola who was in the middle of an interview when he gets bumped into the passenger seat. He tries steering the cart before getting tossed from the bucking bronco...

So with that in mind, here is your video:

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