Saturday, December 24, 2011

Penn State really wants Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson

But the Penn State faithful are also slightly delusional.

According to reports in the Happy Valley area, Penn State has put the full-court press on Boise State coach Chris Peterson, hoping to entice him to come save their team. reports emissaries from Penn State have made two trips out to the hinterlands of Idaho in search of Peterson and may or may not have met with him. And yes, they've returned without him.

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If you read the whole story, its hard to tell what is more unrealistic: The pursuit of Peterson or the mention of Mike Munchak, coach of the Tennessee Titans as Plan B. Peterson has made it known...repeatedly he isn't leaving the West, Munchak, while no threat to be coach of the year, has the Titans playing respectable football.

The folks in Pennsylvania need to come to grips with the fact the aren't getting an "A" list coach. And no, they should not give the job to interim coach Tom Bradley either. Part of the problem up there seems to be they don't understand that a large part of the game has passed them by.

The target should be assistants such as Green Bay Packers assistant Tom Clements or one of the other names in the PennLive article.

That isn't reaching for the stars. That is being realistic with your place in the world.

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