Saturday, December 31, 2011

ESPN Skycam goes down...during game

Oh..and for what it is worth, the ESPN Sky View or whatever they call it camera fell during play in the 3rd quarter of the Insight Bowl between Iowa and Oklahoma.

The game was won by Oklahoma, 31-14. A handful of people watched the game and there were a decent amount of people in Arizona at Sun Devil Stadium on the Arizona State campus.

When you watch the video, you'll see the camera fall near a couple of Iowa players including receiver Marvin McNutt, who looked pretty stunned to see it. You'll also see them trying to hop out of the way as the support cable came down too. And yes, it delayed the game for awhile...

We aren't going to be as harsh as some have been about this. Knowing TV production like we do, we get why ESPN and other networks use this. The concern is using production companies that may or may not be good at putting the unit together or testing it correctly.

We've been on the field for a game that featured this camera and saw it come down very, very close to the field. So close that play had to be stopped until someone could figure out how to get the camera moved back to a safe level.

Here's your video, at least until it gets pulled:

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