Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coaching Carousel: Jim Mora Jr. to UCLA

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J.L Mora

He's back.

Former Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim L. Mora will return to the sidelines this upcoming season as the head coach at UCLA.

Mora takes over from the fired Rick Neuheisel. The "Official" announcement is expected later in the day Saturday.

This season, Mora has spent as an football analyst for Fox Sports among others and he was a candidate for the job that was never mentioned.

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This should be an "Interesting" hire. Mora has never been a college head coach and he struggled a bit in his stints in Atlanta and Seattle. After some initial success with the Falcons, he essentially imploded after saying some things on a Washington radio station about wanting to be the coach at the University of Washington.

His tenure with the Seahawks ended after one 5-11 season and Seattle decided to hire Pete Carroll.

From our time covering Mora in Atlanta, he's basically a good person who is a "tad bit" excitable at times. He's essentially a younger version of his father in that respect. That quality may serve him well on the college level and particularly at UCLA where football has essentially fallen off the map in Los Angeles and they desperately need someone to bring the excitement back.

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