Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Busy Day In Ess-E-Cee: 2012 Schedule Out, Kiel Goes To LSU

Some highlights...

Missouri and Texas A&M are welcomed into the Ess-E-Cee season premiere week-and-a-half September 8th of 2012, and Alabama goes to LSU in a rematch of their rematch November 3rd.

Missouri plays in the SEC East and gets Georgia as their first home game in conference on the 8th. Texas A&M plays in the West and hosts Florida in College Station. The first conference game will be August 30th when South Carolina visits Vanderbilt.

This year's schedule is based on divisional play of eight games with six inside the division and two outside.

In other news, Gunner Kiel has gone against staying at home in Indiana and is going to LSU- please hold your surprise and shock...

Here's FOSG Jamie Newburg discussing the matter...
((HT: ESPN))

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