Saturday, December 31, 2011

Overeem takes out Lesnar and Lesnar retires

It appears the run of the "Next Big Thing" in the UFC may have come to an end.

And it came in somewhat surprising fashion.

Alistair Overeem ended Brock Lesnar's run in the UFC with a powerful kick to the intestinal area. You'll recall Lesnar has been unable to fight over the past year due to intestinal issues including a serious battle with diverticulitis.

The stiff kick to the area around Lesnar's liver, sent him to the mat and ended one of UFC's most meteoric careers. Lesnar, a former WWE wrestler and college wrestling champion was considered a star in the UFC ranks ever since beating UFC legend Randy Cotnure in 2008.

There have been some rumblings that Lesnar may return to his roots in the WWE, but considering his health issues, they may just be speculation.

Here's your fight video, at least until someone pulls it:

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