Friday, December 16, 2011

More Sandusky: Getting creepier by the day

Mike McQueary w/Joe Paterno
Today is the day we should learn more about what the administrators at Penn State did or didn't know about alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky.

There will be a preliminary hearing held in the cases of Athletic Director Tim Curley and former VP Gary Schultz.

The two men were charged with perjury after the grand jury report on Sandusky was released.

The report was formulated largely on the testimony of Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary. McQueary allegedly saw Sandusky engaged in sex act with a young boy in a shower.

McQueary's story has been put in some question, he is expected to be the focal point of today's hearing and is expected to testify.

You can read a preview from the Harrisburg Patriot-News RIGHT HERE

We hear that despite some reported discrepancy's in what McQueary said he saw, the public hasn't heard everything about his testimony. The gaps may show or clarify what has been released. Keep in mind a "Grand Jury" summary is just that, a summary. It doesn't detail entire transcripts.

Now...this all comes on the heels of what is arguably the creepiest comments yet by a Sandusky attorney. A legal consultant advising Sandusky's lawyer, attorney Karl Rominger, told a Harrisburg, PA TV station (WHTM) that Sandusky's admission that he showered with boys was because Sandusky was trying to "Help troubled children who don't have basic hygiene skills."

He added "Teaching a person to shower at the age of 12-14 sounds strange to some people, but people who work with troubled youth will tell you there are a lot of juvenile delinquents and people who are dependent who have to be taught basic life skills like how to put soap on their body."


Rominger later released a statement saying his statement has become "Somewhat exaggerated" by the media.

Uh...why would you EVER say something like that. To a TELEVISION station no less. It's one thing to make an excuse for something but come on...

Here's your clip from WHTM, judge for yourself:

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