Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ryan Braun tests positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs

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According to a published report Saturday on ESPN, National League MVP Ryan Braun tested positive for a performance enhancing drug during a random drug test while his Milwaukee Brewers were in the National League playoffs.

A Braun spokesman confirmed the report and Braun himself told USA Today that "It's B.S".

An immediate appeal was filed and Braun's spokesperson insisted to ESPN that there were extenuating circumstances. He apparently tested positive for elevated Testosterone levels.

Read the entire ESPN story RIGHT HERE

If upheld, Braun would be forced to sit for the first 50 games of next season. That punishment was agreed to in the last round of labor negotiations between MLB and the Players Association.

We will see how this story develops, it is far from over.

Check out the ESPN story on video:

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