Wednesday, December 14, 2011

49ers to get new stadium

Candlestick Park/Courtesy: wikipedia

We find it rather amazing that on the same day the Governor of California announced that public services are being cut by $1 billion in California, the city of Santa Clara has agreed to fund a $850 million stadium for the San Francisco 49ers.

And yes, we are questioning how there are school budgets facing massive cuts, but the city will have a pretty new facility for the local NFL team. Before you say it, we've read the details and the team allegedly will pay $30 million a year in rent, which would be the highest rent payment we believe by any team in the NFL.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the loan is supposedly going to be paid for by ticket sales, team rent and naming rights. The city is apparently adding $114 to the kitty and the NFL is adding $150 million. The team, no, they aren't putting any money on the line.

Read the whole story from RIGHT HERE

Well. Give the team credit. They've picked a good year to turn things around and become successful. And yes, we are amongst the people who think that in a depressed economy, cities shouldn't be handing out welfare projects to NFL teams. There are far more worthy projects that money could go for.

But it appears the Niners will get the new building they've been pining for. They'll be able to leave Candlestick Park, which will essentially become like a giant, abandoned Wal-Mart in a strip shopping plaza.

But that is okay. Sure, there will be children in California who won't be able to get a proper education due to the lack of funding and yeah, they'll be larger holes in the criminal justice system because of lack of funding, but that is okay. The NFL team is getting a pretty new building, so all will be well.

Sorry we're being dramatic here, but we just don't understand where priorities are sometimes.

Here's a video Fox Sports Net did when the Giants left Candlestick to move to their new digs:

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